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Wonder Marketing

An advertisement without a human element, without a practical note and pure imagination gave one of the most lovable products, hard to forget, for sure. Who would not want to see another zoo-zoo belly-laughing, uttering some zoo-zooan language or may be cuddling with his girlfriend?


Vodafone’s idea of branding without a celebrity again grew immensely successful and has compelled the celebrity-surviving brands to reevaluate their strategies. Spending millions of bucks and bearing the starry tantrums is not doing wonders anymore. This revolution in the world of advertising has proved that an advertisement with a weak concept and popular face can not sustain. If we have a glance at the top TV commercials currently we will realise that the charm of a superstar is loosing. There was a time when the market kept buzzing over who was the next Pepsi brand ambassador, there were star-wars and a model became supermodel by featuring with a celebrity. Those were the days of one-day cricket matches at Sharjah and Govinda with colourful pants. The tables have turned now with a brand new 20-20 version of cricket matches and imported stuff, be it an imported remake or an imported actress.


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Celeb Quotient

India has been a land where a celebrity has an image of God. Audiences look up to him and children aspire to be like him. Therefore, the crescendo of celebrities endorsing brands has been steadily increasing over the past years. Most of the brands have made their presence felt with a face representing them. A celebrity endorsing a brand gives it a high recall value and instant brand awareness. In India celebrity endorsements are a hit. Be it some soft drink brand, car, pen or any commodity in the world, it seems the market thrives on celebrities. These popular faces sell everything. But the question arises do people relate to the products and celebrity in unison.


A celebrity is used to impart credibility and aspiration value to a brand, but he needs to match the product as well. A good brand campaign idea and a link between the celebrity and the message are a must for a successful campaign. Celebrities are no doubt good at generating attention, recall and high PR value towards advertising provided they are supporting a good idea and fit the brand.

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It’s Show Time

If you are thinking of reaching out to the public directly and display your brawn what better than trade shows. Trade fairs are turning out to be a platform that provides the opportunity to talk to the consumers directly with an added prospect of increase in sales.


Trade shows are all about promotion. You are strategically planning to present your goods and services to a specially targeted audience, in order to meet clearly defined goals and objectives. To maximize your success, however, it is imperative to make promotional efforts above and beyond merely showing up at the next event. Begin these pre-show efforts six to eight months before your next event.


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Despite that, everyone knows that brand is important. Too many times have you must’ve heard the old mantra “no one ever got fired for buying IBM,” !!! This implies that picking a known brand gets the decision-maker off the hook if the chosen solution doesn’t work out. Buying the leading brand is always the “SAFE” decision. Whether you are selling a product or marketing a service, the key differentiator that makes your offering an ‘IBM’or an ‘Intel’ equivalent and not just any other IT product is what matters most. BUT, can we actually put a tangible to this “X factor” that the product needs.


Think about it. This is nothing but a positive Brand Image translating to a very very promising Brand Image. In slow economic times like these, it might be hard to justify branding and its spend because every rupee needs to directly generate leads and sales.


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Branding in a B2B world

Did you know that four out of Interbrand’s 10 most valuable global brands have businesses as their end customers? And what’s more. The success of these brands is driven by individuals and households, even though they makeup for a negligible share of their customer base. Brands like Intel, Microsoft, IBM and GE, irrespective of being predominantly Business to Business (B2B) brands, have focused extensively on branding and marketing themselves right.


Often, branding in the B2B model is heavily discounted, without understanding the threats and positives it poses to the organisation. As a matter of fact, branding is seldom considered important for a B2B organisation, leaving it to individual managers to do their own ad hoc marketing. Designing their own set of corporate logos, taglines and packaging – making for a confused customer and a disorganised looking company. Secondly, most B2B marketers have to address various other smaller business as well as enterprise customers, which cannot be done economically using the traditional direct sales force.


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Brand Building during Downturn

As companies tighten their purse strings, the worst nightmare of a brand manager has come true. A fund crunch, which would ultimately mean shelving of marketing plans. But should recession mean axing your branding exercises? Not necessarily. Marketing Evangelists term ‘it as an opportunity of a lifetime’ and an absence could prove. It is the right time to build on the existing customers and converting the brand loyals into brand disciples by creating various touch points for the customer to interact and engage with the brand.


Social Media, in the present scenario, has emerged as a life saver for many brands, especially the ones targeting youth, by bringing together a world of branding opportunities. As a branding tool it engages the user without any deliberation. In Facebook for instance, marketers can create applications, groups, pages dedicated to their brand that engage the users and letting them stay connected with the brand and receive feedback on the brand’s latest activities.


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CREATIVE INC's unique design & exhibition fabrication won us the Best Pavilion Award at IREFCON 2012

Head of a leading Foundry Company
CREATIVE INC's performance is very good and they have been engaged with our organisation for almost 3 years. We rely on them fully for end to end event planning and execution.

Executive Director of a Delhi Government Corporation
The agency is very good and they successfully designed and executed our pavilion at
Meri Dilli Utsav. This won us the Second Best Pavilion Award.

Head of a Delhi Government Organisation
Dear CREATIVE INC team, thanks for the wonderful job done at the Green Cementech exhibition, Hyderabad. Looking forward to more such engagements, and lots of innovative work.

Vice President & Global Head of Marketing,
German Engineering Company
CREATIVE INC event management team was great in accomplishing CEBIT Australia for us. Kudos.

International Relations Manager, IT Consulting
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